The Japanese Tea Hub was born as a channel to make the finest Japanese teas easily available outside their country of origin.  Often times is not easy to find that rare tea that very few farmers in the island are making. 

My name is Xenia & run the business on my own. I have always been fascinated by tea, consuming this rejuvenating elixir from an early age.

The first time I tried matcha was over twelve years ago when it wasn't a thing in the Western world. The moment I decided to take part in a Japanese Tea Master course, in Japan, marked an important milestone in my tea learning journey. I did not only made tea by hand various times but I also learnt how hard is to grow, harvest & process tea. It is fascinating the amount of work the tea farmers put into growing the teas we love to enjoy.

My decision to become a self-proclaimed Japanese Tea Evangelist, stems from my passion for the Japanese cuisine, as well as the teas and the culture. Delicate, flavourful, refreshing, healthy, a drink that can be enjoyed by everyone, at any time and everywhere! The knowledge & availability of good quality Japanese tea in Europe are somewhat limited. Only those who are passionate about Japanese tea know-how and where to find the finest Japanese teas outside Japan.

My mission in life is to source the highest quality Japanese teas for your enjoyment. I want to share my passion for Japanese teas & knowledge about them with you.

And definitely I am interested in learning more about you, what do you like, what teas would you like me to source. Feel free to contact me about anything you might like to know, I will be happy to share my Japanese tea wisdom with you all! Let's share a virtual cup of tea together!

Welcome to my humble virtual tea house, don't be shy, please come on in!

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