Our Philosophy

We believe in high quality tea. We only source what we know is good after having analyzed and tasted it. You would be surprised how many people sell teas without having even tasted them even once. We are heavy tea drinkers here!

We deliver freshness. Have you ever thought about how the teas you buy are stored and handled? Our teas come already packed in opaque pouches, from origin. In this way teas preserve their properties for longer. No one is opening/closing a 10 kg sack to pack certain grams of tea on regular basis, neither the teas come in clear see-through packaging.

We don't do teabags. They generate a lot of waste. they don't allow the tea leaves to fully open and release their full flavour. Plus they are full of micro-plastics that are released into the brew. We see tea brewing as a pleasurable experience and therefore we believe that in order to enjoy the experience teas should be brewed correctly.

We are tea brewing advocates. We love tea brewing, we want to improve the way tea is consumed and brewed. We want to help you to enjoy fully the art of brewing.

We know Japanese tea is good for you. We are trained in Japanese teas. We know they are of an excellent quality, grown with care and dedication, fresh, refreshing, calming. Packed with multiple health benefits. Who doesn't want to feel better? 

We favour small family owned tea farms. Growing tea is hard job. We want to favour small/medium sized family owned companies as much as we can. From small business to small business. We can help each other.

We want you to buy with confidence. Our site is secure, monitored and updated often, the cookies policy is visible straight away, we have a comprehensive section dedicated to Terms & Conditions. We are registered with the Miljöförvaltningen. Our products are certified organic.

We are here for you. We are happy to listen to you, to your feedback and answer any questions you might have. What are you waiting for? Chat with us!

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