Nomad Tea Festival: A Virtual Haven For Tea Lovers Around The World

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

TEAKETS TO ATTEND NTFE NOW ON SALE! GET YOURS NOW! Have you ever heard of Nomad Tea Festival before? I took part as a Tea Vendor in its first edition held in July 2020. It was organized by Soo Cheung, a Korean Digital Tea Creator currently living in Australia. She did everything on her own, from conception to design, including planning, scheduling, managing the line-up along with the tea vendors who took part, that includes me. Apart from minor hiccups, which can happen to anyone who runs an even online or offline, I have to say that admire how she pulled it all along. In fact, I liked the idea & the event so much, that I contacted her a couple of days later to propose a new edition focused in Europe.

We chatted for a bit & we decided to go for it, this is why I am currently (as you might already know) co-creating the festival along with Soo herself. So far it has been a learning curve for me but also a rewarding experience that inspired me to push myself a bit further & finally, I dared to publish an article in Medium, something I had been itchy to do for a while but I feared. In fact, it seems one can earn some money depending on how much the public like the articles (which I wasn't aware of) so I got 0.35 cents so far. I didn't do it for the money but hey it was a surprise when I received the email. So whoever tapped on CLAP, thank you! I wanted to dedicate this week's article on The Japanese Tea Hub blog to the Nomad Tea Festival & Nomad Tea Festival Europe. Keep reading! What's the Nomad Tea Festival? Nomad Tea Festival or NTF is a 100% virtual festival dedicated to TEA. Anyone can take part & enjoy the festival, connoisseurs & beginners alike. The aim of the festival is to connect, to engage & to uplift the tea communities all around the world. What does NTF strive for?

NTF wants to build an inclusive TEA community by connecting the TEA communities worldwide while enhancing the global TEA community ecosystem. To become an example of virtual TEA gatherings where everyone who takes part, from vendors to educators & the attendees themselves, get to benefit from the whole experience. Why was NTF born?

Due to the current ongoing pandemic, many TEA events & festival got cancelled, which affected thousands of people within the industry. Farmers, TEA lovers, TEA vendors, TEA educators... you get the picture. TEA expos & events aren't a mere entertainment channel but rather a great way to get to know each other, to network, to connect with other TEA lovers & also a way to be social, to communicate. NTF was born out of frustration in order to ensure that the link between TEA lovers, TEA communities & the industry alike wasn't lost or broken.

NTF is all about transparency, communication, openness & is fuelled by a true passion for TEA, but above all, NTF wants to engage, connect & uplift everyone involved with TEA, in one way or another. Why the Nomad Tea Festival Europe then? Actually, I had been thinking about organizing a virtual TEA event for a while, yet I did not know exactly how could I achieve that. When I discovered NFT, I was really happy & after having taken part I really wanted to bring the experience to Europe.

Even though the festival was conceived to be focused on Europe, it is open to everyone who wants to help us to bring this event to life, so we have had applications from a wide variety of regions such as Japan, China, Turkey, Taiwan or the USA. I am in charge of contacting the potential participants or prospective vendors, let me tell you something, it is hard work. I have contacted more than a thousand people so far & with about 3 weeks left for the NTFE to happen, I might still contact many more. I apologize in advance if I have been a pain lately by posting about the NTFE everywhere, including my business blog. Has it been easy?

Not quite, since Soo & myself are in different time zones we have to coordinate to ensure we are on the same page. But we have managed to do it well so far.

Also, there were many things I did not know so I had to learn fast. I am still learning & I will continue learning during & after the NTFE has taken place.

How can we get involved in the NTFE? If you work in the TEA industry & would like to get a booth at the festival, you can apply here.

And if you would like to take part but cannot attend, you can send us a non-branded video of you preparing or drinking TEA under 30 secs by the 15th of October, so we can create a unique video to be showcased at the festival before the Midnight party takes place. Your name will appear on the credits as a way to thank you for taking the time. Upload the video here. And you can always reshare our posts, talk to your friends & family. Without your help, this festival would not be possible. Are all the activities free?

We let the hosts decide how much they wanted to charge for their activities. Here you can see the line-up.

Is access to NFTE free of charge?

TEAkets will bear a small fee that will help us to cover for all the running costs such as the festival platform among other things. They should be released soon, subscribe to the newsletter to be on the loop.

There will also be some promos run in Social Media, so stay tuned! If you are a TEA blogger or a TEA influencer contact us on Instagram. And if you want to have easy access to all our links, here you have them. What do I do if I have more questions? You can send us an email to & we will be more than happy to communicate with you. I will also be taking part as a vendor so if you are around, stop by & say hello, I might be at the stage though so leave me a message if I am not there. Thanks, everyone for reading me, please share & if you can please attend NTFE, we are very proud of the line-up & all the topics they chose to share them with you.

Cheerio! Let's share our passion for TEA at the NTFE together!

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