Beautiful tea spoons known as Chami 茶美 made in odourless acrylic material. Each model has different features.

We only have one piece of each type, as soon as they are out of stock, we might or might not carry the same models in the future. All depends on our supplier's availability and changes in the exchange rate.


Tea leaves are delicate and absorb all types of odours. It is recommended to handle the tea leaves using a tea spoon never the bare hands.

Acrylic Tea Spoon Chami

  • Beautiful Japanese tea spoon.

    Colours might vary from item to item and from screen to screen, please keep this in mind when purchasing.

    Made in Japan.

  • These are our recommendations to take care of this cherry bark tea spoon:

    Handling: Handle with utmost care, do not bend, it might break. Do not place heavy items on top.

    Washing: Clean with a dry soft cloth. Avoid the tea spoon to get damp. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Do not soak.

    Storing: Store in a dry place.






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