Beautiful & outstanding kusenaoshi also known as chasen tate or bamboo whisk holder/rest.

The function of the kusenaoshi is to ensure that the chasen doesn't lose its shape. This is why its literal translation from Japanese is chasen adjuster which doesn't sound ideal but it is actually accurate.

This chasen tate is made in Tokoname, its surface is smooth, its hue is dark brown & sports a lovely hand-painted flower.

Usually, the majority of kusenaoshi on offer are plain & don't have any adornments. This is a truly unique piece of art.

The Japanese Tea Evangelist Says: This is a delicate & unique piece to be used for keeping the shape of your bamboo whisk.

Chasen Holder Kusenaoshi Tokoname Flower

  • Implement: Chasen tate or kusenaoshi
    Origin: Tokoname, Japan
    Height: 7.1cm
    Colour: Dark brown
    Material: Clays

  • This is our recommendation to take care of this tea implement (kusenaoshi):

    Handling: Handle with utmost care.

    Washing: By hand, use warm water, gentle sponge (do not use the harsh part of the sponge) or cloth, little soap. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

    Drying: Leave it to air-dry upside down on a cloth or mat or use a soft cloth.

    Storing: Avoid piling other items on top of this kusenaoshi.

    Since the remaining liquid from the chasen might drop and the kusenaoshi has no bottom in order to allow air circulation (to prevent mould growth) we recommend keeping the kusenaoshi on an easy to clean & hard to damage surface.

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