Naturally grown whole leaf Japanese green tea harvested and processed by the Hayashi family in Kirishima, Japan.

The Miumori Kirishima Sencha is a composition of comparably deeply steamed leaves and comparably flatly steamed leaves of mainly seed grown tea bushes (zairai). This sencha is fresh, rich in umami flavour, a great Japanese green tea for every occasion.

The deeply steamed leaves give this tea a smooth roundness and sweetness, while the shorter steamed leaves bring an enjoyable flavour into the tea. At the same time, thanks to the blend of these two types of leaves, both, the 1st and the 2nd infusion are very delicious, because the opening time of both leaves types are not the same when they get in contact with the warm water in the teapot.

Kirishima is a city in Kagoshima. The mountains of Kirishima produce one of the most highly regarded sencha teas in Japan.


Kirishima tea, also known as Kirishima cha comes from the area around Kirishima City 霧島市 at the heart of the prefecture in southernmost Japan’s Kirishima and Aira Region 霧島 - 姶良エリア.

Together with the tea farmers of Chiran, the region produces the prefecture’s best green teas regarded as some of the best teas in Japan.

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The Japanese Tea Evangelist says: I have been fascinated by the teas from the Hayashi family for quite some time now. This is a special type of sencha since it contains zairai or wild tea from tea bushes grown from seeds instead of from cuttings. This combination creates an interesting flavour profile unseen in any other Japanese teas.

Miumori Kirishima Sencha Green Tea (Shutaro Hayashi) 100 grams

  • Type of tea:  Japanese sencha (naturally grown)
    Steaming Method: Mixed (light (asamushi) & deep steamed (fukamushi)
    Tea Bush: Zairai (grown from seeds, not cloned)
    Amount: 100 grams vacuum-sealed pouch
    Origin: Kirishima, Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan

  • This is how Shutaro Hayashi recommends brewing his sencha:

    Amount of tea: the desired amount of tea

    Amount of water: 200 ml of water

    Water temperature: 60 degrees Celsius (1st brew) 65/70 degrees Celsius (2nd to 4th brew)

    Amount of time: 60 secs (1st brew) 10 secs (2nd to 4th brew)

    This is how The Japanese Tea Evangelist recommends brewing this fantastic sencha tea.

    Japanese clay teapot (kyuusu)
    Rinsing: No
    Amount of tea: 3 grams of tea (about a teaspoon & a half)
    Amount of water: 100 ml of water
    Water temperature: 65 degrees Celsius (1st brew) 70/75 degrees Celsius (2nd to 4th brew)
    Amount of time: 60 secs (1st brew) 45 secs (2nd brew) 30 seconds (3rd brew) 15 secs (4th brew)

    NOTE: If you do Gong Fu Cha my recommendation is to use your usual parameters for Japanese green teas. Remember that Japanese teas are for the most part steamed & therefore more delicate than other types of teas.

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