First flush kabusecha from the Watanabe family tea plantation in Yakushima, Japan.

The Watanabe Shimadori kabusecha feels like a sudden rainfall on the Yakushima Island. A sweet, almost candy-like fragrance emanating from the tea leaves, gives you a sense of things to come.

A sudden change in the atmosphere takes place when drinking the very mellow infusion. You are left refreshed and replenished, with a subtle taste that lingers long after the rainfall has left. Though gentle, this first flush kabusecha from Watanabe family holds the same energy all the Watanabe teas are best known for.

Yakushima is an island in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, known for its wildlife and cedar forests. In the northwest is Nagata Inaka-hama, a beach with seasonal loggerhead turtle nesting grounds.

Intense aroma, nice liquor colour, long-lasting flavour.

If you scan the QR code image you will be able to enjoy a nice song that I have selected to match this tea.

The Japanese Tea Evangelist says: One of my favourite kabusecha teas out here. Its flavour is refreshing with somewhat umami taste. I enjoy drinking this tea on a daily basis.

Watanabe Shimadori Kabusecha Green Tea 100 grams

  • Type of tea:  Japanese kabuse sencha (kabusecha, naturally grown)
    Harvest: First Flush
    Amount: 100 grams vacuum-sealed pouch
    Origin: Yakushima Island, Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan

  • This is how Mankichi Watanabe recommends brewing his kabusecha tea:

    Amount of tea: the desired amount of tea
    Amount of water: 200 ml of water
    Water temperature: 60/65 degrees Celsius (1st brew to 4th brew)
    Amount of time: 60 secs (1st brew) 10 secs (2nd to 4th brew)

    This is how The Japanese Tea Evangelist recommends brewing this fantastic kabusecha tea.

    Medium: Japanese clay teapot (kyuusu)
    Rinsing: No
    Amount of tea: 3 grams of tea (about a teaspoon & a half)
    Amount of water: 100 ml of water
    Water temperature: 65 degrees Celsius (1st brew) 70/75 degrees Celsius (2nd to 4th brew)
    Amount of time: 60 secs (1st brew) 45 secs (2nd brew) 30 seconds (3rd brew) 15 secs (4th brew)

    NOTE: If you do Gong Fu Cha my recommendation is to use your usual parameters for Japanese green teas. Remember that Japanese teas are for the most part steamed & therefore more delicate than other types of teas.

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