When brewing Japanese teas, a teapot known as kyuusu 急須 is traditionally used.

Using a kyuusu, makes it easier to enjoy multiple infusions and enjoying Japanese, noble green teas brings more joy and significantly increases the taste quality of the infusion. Japanese teas taste best if you drink them immediately after pouring them on. The European style of making tea in a large pot and then slowly drinking the tea weakens the fine aroma. In Japan there is even a rule: the better the tea, the smaller the pot.


There are a number of teapots available, from a number of potters and regions. This mini teapot is smaller than other kyuusu, and is recommended to brew gyokuro or kabusecha. It is also ideal for one person brewing or as a practicing teapot.


Side handle kyuusu with panoramic stainless steel sieve.. Glazed, in three different colours. The flat, delicate kyuusu fits very comfortably in the hand and has an elegant design.

The Japanese Tea Evangelist says: easy to carry around. Affordable, not too heavy, ideal for travelling or solo brewing to practice. A nice entry level mini kyuusu that can be easily carried in a pocket.

Ceramic Small Teapot 60 ml

  • Beautiful small teapot, 60 ml. The ideal teapot to use when doing small brews.

    Please note that these teapots are hand made and therefore may present slightly differences between them. All pieces are unique and one of a kind.

  • This is our recommendation to take care of this teapot:

    Handling: Handle with utmost care.

    Washing: By hand, use cold or warm water, gentle sponge (do not use the harsh part of the sponge) or cloth, little soap. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

    Drying: Leave it to air-dry upside down on a cloth or mat or use a soft cloth.

    Storing: Ensure that the handle is safe and do not pile items on top of the handle.

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