Beautifully shaped yunomi (湯のみ) tea vessel with foot in raw unglazed textured orange/brown clay. Glazed element imitating a brush stroke in white can be seen on each side and also inside. Each single vessel has a slightly different pattern.

Hagi ware (萩焼, Hagi-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery traditionally originated from the town of Hagi, Yamaguchi, in the former Nagato Province.

The subtle form and natural, subdued colors of Hagi ware are highly regarded. In particular, the beautiful contrast between the bright green color of the green tea and the warm neutral tones of Hagi ware is aesthetically notable. Regarding tea wares, there is a famous expression in Japanese that is "Raku first, Hagi second and Karatsu third". This old tea adage indicates the rank of tea wares preferred for tea ceremonies.

Two types of fine-grained soft clay are used as the base material. The earth is first mixed with water, then strained. During the process, wood chips are often added, causing the less dense parts to rise while the heavier parts sink to the bottom. This preparation process is repeated for two weeks until the water is entirely filtered without any residues, and the pure, fine clay is obtained from the bottom of the vat. The reddish to orange color of the clay is important as it will determine the texture and color of the Hagi surface.

It has a pretty foot that acts as a small platform and its rounded shape lies very well in the hand.

Due to the sophisticated, but at the same time modest aesthetics, this tea vessel offers the tea an optimal setting without being intrusive. The photo shows just one example, because each piece is unique.

The pieces are individual pieces from a series that all differ from one another. The brush like glaze motiff varies and shows different shades of white/cream. Small bumps, dents, speckles, rough spots, small glaze cracks and other imperfections are part of the charm of these ceramics. If you prefer flawless ceramics please have a look at different items.

Ideal to be used to drink any kind of tea, cold or hot.

Hand made in Japan.

The Japanese Tea Evangelist says: this unique piece of Hagi ware is of an outstanding quality. I particularly enjoy its slightly rough texture in some areas combined with the beautiful glaze that emulates the shape of a wave.


Clay Tea Cup Yunomi Hagi Yaki Handmade

  • The perfect tea vessel to enjoy your cup of delicious Japanese tea.

    It comes in its own specific box.

    Please note textures, colours and patterns can very between pieces and screen displays.


  • This is our recommendation to take care of this tea tea vessel (yunomi):

    Handling: Handle with utmost care. Ensure that the surface is not too hot when handling this tea vessel.

    Washing: By hand, use warm water, gentle sponge (do not use the harsh part of the sponge) or cloth, little soap. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

    Drying: Leave it to air-dry upside down on a cloth or mat or use a soft cloth.

    Storing: Avoid piling other items on top of this yunomi.

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