Do you have a wedding, birthday, special occasion and you don't know what to gift? Do you like tea and want to share the love away? We have the solution for you!

A Gift Voucher from The Japanese Tea Hub without set expiration date that can be exchanged at any time on any date at your convenience!


How does it work? Please read the Terms & Conditions below:


1. You get a numbered voucher from us by email after your purchase which you can give to any person you want.
2. The relevant person contact us to get a one time exclusive code tied to the numbered purchased voucher.

3. The relevant person exchanges the code for items within our web shop.

4. The voucher can be used to cover the purchase of physical goods and shipping costs.
5. Once the voucher is exchanged the code expires automatically and the goods are shipped.
6. Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for real money.

7. Gift Vouchers amount should be used at once, it cannot be split up.

8. Any amount exceeding the amount written down in the voucher has to be paid by the customer.
9. The vouchers cannot be used together with any of the offers available in the shop (this is a system limitation.)
10. If the amount of the purchase exceeds the amount of the voucher, the relevant person will have to settled the difference before the goods can be released for shipping.

If you have any questions about this item do not hesitate to get in touch.

*Please note if any of the pre-set amounts is not suitable we can tailor the gift voucher to any amount you want to gift. Just contact us by email and we will arrange it for you.

**The images shown in the web shop are placeholders which are not numbered and therefore are invalid. Only the numbered voucher received from us by email will be valid.


*** The only way to get the goods is exchanging a valid voucher for a one time exclusive code tied to the voucher.

**** Please note that all our products include VAT and therefore no additional VAT has to be paid upon purchasing the Gift Voucher.

***** Please also note that offers and discounts cannot be applied to the purchase of the gift vouchers.

Gift Vouchers

  • Since this is a gift voucher, once purchased it cannot be returned. Please ensure you read & understand this before making the purchase.

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