Morimoto teas are well known & loved among the naturally grown Japanese tea connoisseurs.

Big leaves & stalks from the summer harvest are roasted gently to create this unique Houjicha. Morimoto Houjicha combines fine shades of roasting flavour with the somewhat rough taste of vibrant green tea. During the roasting process, the smaller stalks absorb some of the heat which allows the tea leaves to stay green, they are only lightly roasted.

This is an interesting houjicha with a touch of caramel flavour. It isn't as strong as other houjicha teas in the market. And it is low in caffeine not only because it contains stalks but also due to the fact that it has been roasted.

If you scan the QR code in the image gallery you will be able to enjoy a nice song that I have selected to match this tea.

The Japanese Tea Evangelist says: I got caught by surprise with this houjicha since it looks lighter than others I have had before. It smells nice & fragrant, its liquor is dark brown. Its flavour is interesting since it has caramel notes but it also has a green note which creates a pleasant contrast. Definitely great & affordable low caffeine tea that can be consumed every day.

Morimoto Houjicha (100 gr)

  • Type of tea:  Japanese houjicha (naturally grown roasted green tea)
    Processing Method: roasting
    Amount: 100 grams vacuum-sealed pouch
    Origin: Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan


  • This is how Shigeru Morimoto recommends brewing his sencha:

    Amount of tea: the desired amount of tea
    Amount of water: 200 ml of water
    Water temperature: 80/85 degrees Celsius (1st to 4th brew)
    Amount of time: 75 secs (1st brew) 10 secs (2nd to 4th brew)

    This is how The Japanese Tea Evangelist recommends brewing this fantastic houjicha tea.

    Japanese teapot (kyuusu) or dobin ( a glass jug or cast iron teapot also work well with this type of tea)
    Rinsing: No
    Amount of tea: 3 grams of tea (about a teaspoon & a half)
    Amount of water: 100 ml of water
    Water temperature: 90 degrees Celsius (1st brew) 95 degrees Celsius (2nd to 4th brew)
    Amount of time: 60 secs (1st brew) 45 secs (2nd brew) 30 seconds (3rd brew) 15 secs (4th brew)

    NOTE: If you do Gong Fu Cha my recommendation is to use your usual parameters for Japanese green teas. Remember that Japanese teas are for the most part steamed & therefore more delicate than other types of teas.

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