Organic Japanese matcha tea harvested and processed at the organic Morimoto family tea garden in Miyazaki prefecture, Japan.

I have been drinking the teas from the Morimoto family for years, they have become part of my favourite ones.

This is a nice everyday matcha, easy to drink, not too sweet with bold flavour. Good to be used for usucha or light tea, cooking and baking.

Organic Certified DE- ÖKO-039 Non-EU-Agriculture

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Morimoto Organic Matcha Tea (Gyokujou) 20 grams bag

  • Only the most delicate leaves of the tea bush variety Oku Midori are ground gently into a fine powder. Before this, the tea bushes are shaded for about two to three weeks with black nets (kabuse).

    Haruyo and Shigeru Morimoto chose this bush variety for this elegant matcha because of the Oku Midori’s depth in flavour with a pleasant and delicate umami and because of its fine sweetness. The shading supports all these characteristics.

    Compared to other Morimoto matcha teas, this matcha is even more full-bodied and also deeper and in that sense classical.

    Even though this tea was ground on a ceramic mill and not on granite, its texture is very fine. This is due to the top-class leaves that are only used to produce this matcha.

  • This is our recommendation to brew this tea:

    Amount of tea: 1 or 2 tea scoops (chasaku) for usucha or light tea. For koicha or thick tea only the top ceremonial grade matchas should be used in order to enjoy the real beauty of koicha.

    Amount of water: 60 - 80 ml of water (if chalky we recommend to use mineral water)

    Water temperature: 75 - 80 degrees Celsius (warmer water will make the tea to taste bitter)

    Amount of time: 60 secs whisking with the bamboo whisk (chasaku) making zig-zag movements right-left without pressing on the chasen far too much in order to avoid the tines to break.




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