The Midori Matcha from the Hayashi family garden in Kirishima, is produced using tea leaves from the shaded cultivar Kanayamidori. It is a product of the hard efforts of the Hayashi family as a whole.

It has an intense green colour, it is gently finely ground, it also has a very pleasant sweetness and a slightly hint of bitterness. The result of the special cultivation method are tea leaves, which are characterized by a rich leaf color. No matter how you drink it, it leaves a striking impression. Even in the cup the Kirishima Matcha Midori is a strong tea, in every respect.


Midori means green in Japanese, green describes this matcha in the best way this is the reason it was named Midori. Its intense green colour is not only due to the shading but also to the Kanayamidori cultivar, which already bears the intense green in its name.

Recommended to prepare usucha or matcha based drinks.

Organic Certified DE- ÖKO-039 Non-EU-Agriculture

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Organic Kirishima Midori Matcha Tea (50 grs)

  • The Midori Matcha of Shutaro Hayashi is gently milled from leaves of the tea bush varietal Kanayamidori.

    Before the harvest, the tea bushes are shaded so that the leaves have acquired an intense green color. Hence the name of the tea: "Midori" is the Japanese word for an intense green.

    The tea bush varietal Kanayamidori is known for its intense leaf color. Therefore, this tea can be enjoyed in pure form, whisked with a bamboo whisk in a matcha bowl, as well as mixed in drinks.

    The photo used is a placeholder from previous years. It will be updated as soon as this new year's batch of tea has been received.

  • This is our recommendation to brew this tea:

    Amount of tea: 1 tea scoop (chasaku) for usucha or light tea.

    Amount of water: 60 - 80 ml of water (if chalky we recommend to use mineral water)

    Water temperature: 65 - 70 degrees Celsius (warmer water will make the tea to taste bitter.)

    Amount of time: 40 secs whisking with the bamboo whisk (chasaku) making zig-zag movements right-left without pressing on the chasen far too much in order to avoid the tines to break.

    Please note this matcha is a bit stronger in taste than other matcha powders I have tried before. Keep this in mind when purchasing this product.


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