Shincha (新茶) means new tea, first flush, the very first tea of the spring. Conformed by the nutrient rich youngest and most tender leaves of the tea plant that has been dormant during the winter.

This is the fresh Shincha of the 2020 harvest from the tea gardens of the Matsumoto family. The Matsumoto tea fields are located in Kumamoto in the Southwestern region of Japan, in Kyushu.


Growing tea without zero pesticides is not the only goal for the Matsumoto family. A part of the garden has been converted to a form of cultivation, which uses absolutely no fertilizers (not even organic) following a Japanese cultivation concept.


The taste of the Sakura-No Shincha Moe is usually very soft and aromatic with an intense sweetness that develops slowly and sustainably on the palate. Fresh in fragrance and taste with a subtle acidic note.

Enjoy the fresh Shincha 2020 until it lasts. We normally order very few packs of each tea we sell (we don't hold large amounts of stock) to ensure our customers always get the freshest teas. Also, shincha is only available once a year during the spring, the earlier it is enjoyed the fresher it will be/taste.

Sakura No Shincha Moe 2020 (50 grs)

  • A particularly fine Shincha of the highest quality. Shincha is a Japanese tea specialty and is produced from the first freshly picked, youngest shoots in spring. The taste is wonderfully fresh and fruity, highly aromatic and at the same time very soft with a delicately sweet note. The cup glows in bright, bright green and has a very sustainable taste.

    MOE refers to the color of the young shoots in spring.

    Mr. Matsumoto harvests his tea leaves a week earlier than usual. The particularly young buds and leaves are then even finer and more delicate. This highly valued, exquisite Shincha from the Matsumoto family small garden was produced from the Yabukita shrub variety and steamed only briefly (short steaming = asamushi). A first-class premium Shincha with only a small production volume and therefore with relatively short availability.

  • The recommendation to brew this tea goes as follows:

    Amount of tea: 3 grs of tea (about a teaspoon)

    Amount of water: 150 ml of water (if chalky use mineral water)

    Water temperature: 65 degrees Celsius (1st brew) 75 degrees Celsius (2nd to 4th brew)

    Amount of time: 60 secs (1st brew) 10 -30 secs (2nd to 4th brew)

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