When brewing Japanese teas, a teapot known as kyuusu 急須 is traditionally used.


There are a number of teapots available. The open teapot is used by the Japanese Tea Instructors in order to learn about the tew brewing process. By observing the leaves opening we can learn when the tea is ready.

It also helps to identify the aroma of the tea and find out if the catechins have been released. Easy to clean, it has a fine mesh metal sieve and due to its size, is also suitable for training small groups.





Stoneware Open Kyuusu Teapot Black 350 ml

  • Beautiful black open teapot used to brew teas while observing the leaves opening. Ideal for those who want to learn in the process of tea brewing to recognize the signs for when the brew is ready.

    Capacity: Approx. 350 ml

  • This is our recommendation to take care of this open teapot:

    Handling: Handle with utmost care.

    Washing: By hand, use cold or warm water, gentle sponge (do not use the harsh part of the sponge) or cloth, little soap. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

    Drying: Leave it to air-dry upside down on a cloth or mat or use a soft cloth.

    Storing: Ensure that the handle is safe and do not pile items on top of the handle.






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