When brewing Japanese teas, a watercooler or yuzamashi 湯冷まし is used to cool down the water before brewing the tea.

While other types of teas can be brewed at 100 degrees Celsius, the majority of Japanese teas would be ruined. This is why the water is boiled and then let cool down in the yuzamashi until it reaches the desired temperature.

By pouring the water from the boiler to the yuzamashi, we make it 10 degrees Celsius cooler already. If transferred onto a different vessel, it will cool down another 10 degrees Celsius on average.

The yuzamashi can also be used to pour the tea from the teapot once brewed and then to serve it on each single tea vessel. This helps to make the tea flavour consistent when brewing teas from multiple people.


The Japanese Tea Evangelist says: while a yuzamashi is not mandatory is a nice tool to have. Specially when brewing tea for more than one person. I have one myself & use it daily for brewing the Japanese teas I usually consume.

It can also be used to whisk the matcha direcly in it & pour it in the chawan when we are brewing for multiple people. It makes things much easier.


Watercooler Yuzamashi Cream White 300 ml

  • Beautiful ceramic water cooler or yuzamashi used to cool the water down for tea brewing. Right handle. Cream white colour. Shiny surface. 300 ml.

  • This is our recommendation to take care of this water cooler or (yuzamashi):

    Handling: Handle with utmost care.

    Washing: By hand, use cold or warm water, gentle sponge (do not use the harsh part of the sponge) or cloth, little soap. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

    Drying: Leave it to air-dry upside down on a cloth or mat or use a soft cloth.

    Storing: Ensure that the handle is safe and do not pile items on top of the handle.

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