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Handcrafted white Japanese tea from a small family farm in Kyoto. This tea comes from a small batch of a total of 1.5 kilograms.

This artisan Japanese white tea has been crafted by hand by a young farmer who enjoys making different types of teas that are not usually found in Japan.

The name he has provided to use for this tea is hakocha.

This exquisite white tea has been made using tea leaves from naturally grown bushes. The farmer doesn't use pesticides or chemicals on any of his teas. His cultivation methods are known as natural cultivation.

It is not organic certified, mainly because the tea farm is not that large & cannot bear the costs of the certification.

There are two different grades from the same tea, small leaf (higher grade) big leaf (lower grade) both are delicious nevertheless and can yield a large number of infusions.

Due to the rarity of this tea I will not be selling the whole batch. Therefore it will only be sold by 10 grams batches to a selected amount of customers.

We will be releasing 50 grams of each grade. Once it is gone, we might not be able to get a new batch until next year's harvest.

The Japanese Tea Evangelist says: I have brewed this tea several times using boiling water for 3, 2 & 4 minutes. My favourite brew was 100 degrees, 75 ml water, 2 minutes. I got some subtle floral notes. Since this tea is quite young the green notes are somewhat prevalent. I will be using some of this tea for aging as an experiment. I wil be taking notes as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Base price shown is for 10 grams of large leaf white Japanese tea. Small leaf has an additional cost.

White Japanese Tea First Flush 2020 (Rare) 10 grams

  • Since the leaves are bigger than other teas and rather delicate they have more volume than other types of teas.

    The tea leaves will be wrapped up carefully in order to avoid the leaves to break during transportation.

    • The moisture content of this tea is about 6%.2.
    • It needs to be kept in a  tightly-closed container.
    • It can be kept at room temperature, maximum 20-25 degrees.
    • Keep it away from light, dust, odours & moisture.

    Since this is a new white tea it might at times (depending on the brewing method chosen) release some green notes.

    While it can be enjoyed as is, it is highly advisable to keep this tea stored for about three years in order to obtain the best out of it.

  • This is my recommendation for you to brew this tea:

    Temperature: 100 degrees Celsius

    Water amount: 75 ml:

    Time: 1st infusion 3 minutes, subsequent infusions 2 minutes

    This tea can handle boiling water just fine & will allow several infusions.

    How to brew this tea as per the farmer's recommendation:

    Hot: 40ml water per 1 gram, 90 seconds.
    Cold: 100ml water per 1 gram, over 4 hours.

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