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Q. Where do your teas come from?
A. From Japan, we either order to Japan directly or we buy via one of our authorized European wholesalers.


Q. Have you received any training in Japanese teas?

A. Yes, in Japan.

Q. Do you have a license from the environmental department of your region to sell teas online?

A. Yes, we do. We carry all the necessary authorizations in order to sell teas online and also to import/export the teas.

Q. Where are you based?
A. We are based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Q. Do you have any visiting address?

A. Unfortunately, we currently don't.

Q. Do you have any other payment services available?

A. Currently you can use PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or Swish. We are looking into implementing additional payment methods in the future.

Q. Are the organic teas listed on your website really organic?

A. Yes, they are certified.

Q. Are you looking for collaborations?

A. Yes, we are. Contact us for more information.

Q. Do you ship to Norway?

A. Unfortunately, we currently don't ship to Norway. We are working on it. Stay tuned!

Q. Are you part of any reputable Japanese Tea Association?

A. Yes, the Global Japanese Tea Association.

Q. Do you offer training in Japanese teas?

A. Yes, we do offer training in Japanese teas. Either online or in person. Contact us for more info.

Q. Do you organize private events or workshops?

A. Yes, we do. Contact us for more info or check the services available on our site.

Q. Do you offer in person delivery in Gothenburg?

A. Yes, we do, twice a week. Contact us for more info.

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