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The following General Terms and Conditions of Purchase (hereinafter GTC) apply to all products available at the www.thejapaneseteahub.eu and www.thejapaneseteahub.com and www.thejapaneseteahub.shop websites and they qualify as the general contract terms and conditions between us and our customers.

Our company reserves the right to modify the provisions of the GTC at any time. Therefore, we kindly ask you to read the terms and conditions before placing any orders with us. In the event of any amendment to the GTC, the terms and conditions will become automatically effective on the day and time of their modification.

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all orders you place through www.thejapaneseteahub.eu, www.thejapaneseteahub.com, www.thejapaneseteahub.shop  and all their sub-pages.

1.2 The Japanese Tea Hub reserves the right to refuse an order placement without further explanation. To be determined on individual cases. To place orders and shop at www.thejapaneseteahub.eu and www.thejapaneseteahub.com and www.thejapaneseteahub.shop you must be 18 years old or older. Any orders placed by anyone under 18 years old will be cancelled automatically as soon as we find out about such information.

1.3 The Japanese Tea Hub does not take responsibility for any inventory differences, technical issues and/or any typographical issues on our website. Please contact us as soon as possible if you encounter any issues so we can correct them straight away.


2.1 We package your orders with the utmost care and attention. Our extensive experience guarantees that all the products you order will be shipped to you in perfect condition.


3.1 Orders have no quantity limit (unless specified otherwise.) Stock availability might be limited so please check before placing an order. If you have any questions regarding stock availability contact us via email at info@thejapaneseteahub.com or info@thejapaneseteahub.eu.

3.2 Orders on tea utensils, tea ware and accessories are limited to inventory. Order of higher quantities may be possible depending on the manufacturer's stock availability. However, it will require a longer waiting time for shipping. In cases where there is a delay in the preparation of the package we will contact you to coordinate the date of the shipping.

3.3 If you need a larger quantity of tea or accessories than it is available in the shop, please contact us so we can arrange a pre-order. Pre-orders are subjected to approval and manufacture's availability. Pre-orders are paid in advance.



We are happy to sell our Japanese teas and tea ware to a number of countries within the EU. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

EU countries pay Swedish VAT. It is duty free within the EU. Companies that are registered in an EU country other than Sweden and submit their VAT registration number to us when ordering, do not pay Swedish VAT. We will manually remove the VAT from your order when creating the invoice. Contact us before placing the order via our website.


We are more than happy to serve customers located outside the EU. The freight is calculated according to a shipping table based on weight and can be seen in the shopping cart page when the relevant country is selected and has been updated with the update button or when a customer account has been created.


Companies buying from us, do not have  to pay Swedish VAT. However, they are obliged to pay VAT in their home country. Private individuals (exceptions apply) pay Swedish VAT on any purchases made within our website.

If your country is not included within the list of countries we usually ship to, please contact us so we can discuss possible shipping methods and costs.

Please keep in mind that any additional taxes to be paid to your country's customs have nothing to do with us or the services we provide. Keep this in mind when making purchases in our web shop.


We are currently reviewing the new import rules for Norway, we should be updating the site really soon.


5.1 We currently offer Paypal as the payment method to be used to pay for any orders placed with us. We reserve the right to cancel, update or modify our offered payment methods and conditions at any time. Contact us if you have any questions, feedback or requests.

5.2 Orders placed on www.thejapaneseteahub.eu, www.thejapaneseteahub.com, www.thejapaneseteahub.shop have to be paid right after the purchase has been made. We are unable to offer any line of credit at this moment time.


We are currently in the process to get better shipping fares for our customers. We will update the shipping costs tables accordingly on due time. A handling fee of 10 SEK is added automatically to the shipping costs in order to cover for packing and wrapping items.



Please check the shipping costs table within the shopping cart order summary for more information.

We offer free shipping costs depending on the amount of purchase and weight of the products. You can check the shipping costs before product checkout.


We offer free shipping costs depending on the amount of purchase, the weight of the products and the delivery region you are based in.
You can check the shipping costs on product checkout.


7.1 We usually ship your goods the same day the order has been placed and paid for. Delivery time might vary depending on the season and/or weather conditions among other things. Often is within the following day in Sweden however please note that it can take up to 5 business days. If you have any questions regarding your order delivery you can contact the courier.

7.2  We currently use Post Nord to send shipments. Teas and teaware volume differ greatly this is why parcel size might vary depending of the goods ordered. Also please note that some items are more fragile than others and require extra care when being shipped.

7.3 The Swedish Post only delivers packages which are no more than three centimeters in thickness at home, a note usually is delivered for pickup at the nearest pick-up point instead when the thickness of the parcel exceeds their thickness limit.

7.4 We ship the products using the appropriate wrapping for each type of item. Our teas are packed in origin using suitable tea packaging.

7.5 If an order has been not picked-up and it is returned to us, we must charge postage fees in order to sent it out again. The customer is solely responsible of paying the total shipping cost for us to resend an order and full postage amount will be charged according to the current Post Nord price list.


Please see our return policies described in the relevant section under the Terms and Conditions.


9.1 In the unlikely case of you having received different items than the ones you ordered you have the right to complaint straight away. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can review your order and we will inform you how we will proceed.

9.2 If a product you have ordered does not meet your expectations please contact us as soon as possible so we can have a look into the matter. Feedback is more than welcome.

9.3 In case of a dispute, we kindly ask you to refer to the
ARN (General Complaints) and we always follow their recommendations. However, before reaching to this point we would like to discuss the matter with you, discussing the matter might help us to find common ground and a solution for any issues that might arise.

9.4 After reviewing the order placed with us and the complaint, we might authorize to send an item as a replacement and take the item already sent back. We will cover all the shipping costs in this specific case.

9.5 Never send an item back to us without having contacted us first. We cannot be held responsible for any items sent back to us without prior notice.


10.1 If a parcel shipped by us presents any signs of heavy damage, we kindly request you to refuse its collection and make a claim specifying the reason for the refusal.

10.2 If a parcel shipped by us do not present any damage on the outside but the items inside are damaged, you must notify this to us as soon as possible. For complaints due to shipment damage we might approve claims automatically. As soon as your claim has been approved, a new product will be shipped to you asap once the damaged product has been returned to us. In the case the item is not longer in stock, you can choose to wait until the item gets restocked or to get a full reimbursement for the damage item plus the proportion of the postage (full postage will be reimbursed if a single item was contained in the order.)


11.1 Never send an item back to us without having contacted us first. We cannot be held responsible for any items sent back to us without prior notice.

11.2 When buying products by mail order (online or otherwise), you are usually protected by the European e-commerce law, which grants you 14 days of money-back guarantee. This guarantee however does not apply to food goods, please note that tea is considered food despite being a beverage, therefore tea is excluded from the 14 day money-back guarantee period unless the package is unopened and in the same state it was when shipped.

11.3 Tea ware, tea apparel, tea tools, tea appliances, tea accessories can be returned within 14 days after the items have been received, as long as they are kept unopened in their original packages. Only products that are returned unopened in their original packages qualify for the 14 day money-back guarantee period. Exceptions apply e.g. damaged products (see point number 10 above.)
11.4 In the even of an authorized refund, you will receive a full refund of the items ordered (once the items have been received back) minus the shipping costs, which you are responsible for. Exceptions apply e.g. damaged products (see point number 10 above.)

11.5 Items cannot be returned if 14 days have past from the time of their purchase.

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